Tobar toys, Beccles, Suffolk


Tobar toys ( ) are a local company who are flourishing and in the process of moving to a much bigger building on Ellough industrial estate Beccles, Suffolk, England.  Worried that the new building looked too anonymous, Toby Templer (the owner) asked me to design something to put outside. Backwards wall clocks had been one of his best selling lines for many years so we jointly decided it would be a good idea to make a big one - it is 6m or 20 ft diameter. It needed something to give it a sense of scale so there is a life-size 'worker' on top. It also needed some obvious movement so the hands oscillate. 



Finally in place ready to lift! It looks so much bigger now its vertical.
The team that built it from left: Mark, Graham, Tim and Andy

The finished effect. There's a fast road, just to the left of this photo, and drivers keep hooting their horns, I guess to try and attract the attention of the 'worker' on top. I'm amazed how large the clock looks. Despite all my drawings I assumed that the vast scale of the building would always dwarf it, but I was wrong. 

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